Calvary Christian treasurer tells of financial trouble in deposition


A history of financial mismanagement had led to the abrupt closure of Calvary Christian Learning Academy.

Monday evening, parents received an email notification from Bruce Morris, the pastor of the church, that the private school on Torrey Pines Drive near Cheyenne Avenue was shutting down. 

“I don’t feel there was any sincerity behind it,” said Lauren Wright, parent.

For Lauren, the pastor’s message wasn’t well received. Morris apologized for the late email claiming he didn’t have access to their information.

“Why was the pastor not up here when the school was closed and the people were coming to pick up their stuff? Why wasn’t he behind there, you know, expressing his concerns,” Wright said. 

In the email, Morris wrote he had no prior knowledge the school was closing and he was under the impression the school had five years to reorganize after filing for bankruptcy last June.

8 News NOW reporter Karen Castro visited the Morris’ home on Wednesday. A young man answered the door and said Morris wasn’t home. 

Minutes later Morris was seen leaving the house in a car with the same person who answered the door. 

We also reached out to school board member and treasurer Nikki Ashmore would only say she stands by everything she stated during a deposition last October in which she describes years of financial troubles.

“Somebody had to know that this was happening,” Wright said.

In the deposition, Ashmore goes on to say the school refinanced in 2014 and was operating without a budget at least through 2016.

She added that she couldn’t believe it and thought the pastor was responsible for the budget.

In addition, she said cuts were made last August, two months after the school filed for bankruptcy.

“Parents are infuriated,” Wright said.  

Many parents say they were charged for tuition the day the school closed and they don’t know if they’ll be reimbursed.

If you’d like to read the 22-page deposition, you can click here to download the file

You can read more about the pastor’s salary and the many members of his family that were on the school’s payroll.

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