LAS VEGAS (KLAS) — You can call it “Twosday” — Feb. 22, 2022, falls on a Tuesday — that’s 2/22/22.

Yes, we have had other interesting dates — 1/23/45, 11/11/11, 2/4/06 — but the fact that a day of twos falls on a day that sounds like two is certainly something else.

The real question is, where will you be at 2:22 on 2/22/22?

In Las Vegas, 4/3/21 — a Saturday — was a particularly busy day for wedding chapels.

In 2020, 56,331 marriage licenses were issued in Clark County. Nearly 1,600 couples were married on 10/10/2020.

Las Vegas wedding ceremonies have always proven popular on palindrome dates. Topping the list was 7/7/07 when 4,492 marriages were performed throughout the county. The second most popular Vegas wedding date of all time was 11/11/11, when 3,125 couples were married in Clark County.

If 2/22/22 does not float your boat, there is always 2/2/22, Groundhog Day, but it falls on a Wednesday.

You could wait for 3/3/33, but that is 11 years away.