Business is booming in Downtown Las Vegas’ Arts District.

It has seen substantial growth over the past few years. And now, a new high-profile brewery is set to open there soon. One of the original businesses to make a mark in the the area is Makers & Finders, a coffee house located near Main St. and Charleston Blvd. The hip hangout has been open for five years. But when it first set up shot, there wasn’t much surrounding it.

“We were kind of the first ones in this neighborhood, and then the past five years have been tremendous growth, all these local businesses coming, it’s been great for the community, and all of Las Vegas honestly,” said Cody Monsalve, manager of the Downtown Las Vegas Makers & Finders.

Now called the Arts District, the business boom in the area is clear — with plenty vibrant colors and diverse storefronts. The growth shows no signs of slowing down.

Just last week, the Las Vegas City Council approved a golden opportunity that looks to revitalize the south end of Main St. Golden — because of Vegas Golden Knights player Ryan Reaves. Reaves’ brewing company, 7Five Brewing, just got licensed to begin producing beer at a new facility in the Arts District. The completed brewery will also have a scratch kitchen where customers can enjoy locally-crafted food.

“I’d like to say that this company is not a celebrity endorsement,” Reaves told members of the Las Vegas City Council. “While it is about me, it’s also about the great people of Las Vegas…  I’ve realized that the city has so much culture and so many stories to tell.”

City leaders are thrilled.

“We’re so happy and proud you’re making this investment in downtown,” said Mayor Carolyn Goodman. “You will never regret it, I can assure you.”

The brewing facility is scheduled to be completed later this summer. Area businesses, like Makers & Finders, can’t wait.

“There’s always something new happening around the neighborhood and we’re just excited to go support that,” Monsalve said. “We’re waiting with open arms for anybody to come in.”