Burn Awareness Week: Tips on how to stay safe around your home


Firefighters tell us the number one cause of burns in Las Vegas happen when people are cooking in your kitchen. Some of the tips they’ve provided may sound obvious, but you’d be surprised how many people forget them. 

For example, when you’re in front of a stove and have a pot on the burner, make sure the handle is turned in so you don’t accidentally hit it and burn yourself. It’s even better if you can put the pot on the back burners so it’s out of the way.

Heating food in a microwave can also be dangerous. It’s actually the main cause of child burns here in the Las Vegas valley.

Containers get very hot, very quick, so let them cool down before taking them out. Another thing to watch out for is heating water. We all like a nice cup of coffee or tea, but when the water gets to 120 degrees it can severely injure you. 

Back to the stove, cooking grease can catch fire. If it does catch fire experts say do not touch it.

Grease fires can cause third-degree burns – those are the most dangerous because they can get infected. Infections are the leading cause of death when it comes to burns.

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