8 News NOW has learned more about a deadly confrontation between a property management team and a suspected burglar.

The incident unfolded Wednesday evening near the intersection of Mountain Vista Street and E. Viking Road.

Metro Police said it all started as a burglary call to a home in the 4500 block of E. Viking Road.  Police said a property manager was called after a locksmith called the property manger to tell him someone was inside the house.

When the property manager arrived, he noticed someone in the back yard of the home.

“They don’t go into the house, they check the front of the house, said Lt. Dan McGrath, Metro Police.  “They go into the backyard the male has a confrontation with a black male in his 20s.”

Officers said the property manager got into a struggle with the suspected burglar, identified as 27-year-old Victor Lamar Jones by the Clark County Coroner’s Office.  Police sid the property manager shot him.

“The property manager draws his weapon and starts giving verbal commands to the black male and then at that point, he engages in a fist fight, Lt. McGrath said.  “The fist fight goes to the ground, at some point, I don’t know if he regains his footing, but he’s able to retrieve his firearm.”

The coroner said Jones died from a single gunshot wound to the back.

8 News NOW spoke to some people in property management industry, and many of them admitted to arming themselves.  They said it’s done as a precaution because they have no idea what they could walk into when they show a property to potential buyers.
Wednesday’s incident is a good indicator of what could happen.

George Trombley of Black Bird Realty and Management says his property managers began bearing arms six years ago after they encountered trouble at a house.

“We we’re going to a house, it was in the fall, it was dark, and there were people there that we’re stealing the appliances,” Trombley said.  “There was nothing we could really do about it but wait for the police to arrive.”

After further investigation, Metro Police said it’s unclear why the man was at the home, but police said he had a backpack full of tools that were used to break in.

A neighbor shared surveillance video she recorded of the aftermath.  She says she wonders if things could have been handled differently.

“I’m going to call the police, I don’t have a gun, but I wouldn’t go and get my gun and confront the people,” said Renee Isaac.
No word from Metro on whether charges will be filed against the property manager.