Bull captured after getting loose in Las Vegas


A bull that got loose early Wednesday morning was captured near Washington Avenue and Martin Luther King Boulevard after being on the run for around four hours.

It’s unclear how the feisty bull got free, but he was first spotted around 3 a.m. near the area of Rancho and Vegas drives. 

“With that kind of beef running around the street, it gets kind of interesting real quick,” said Lt. Carlos Hank, Metro. “That bull is intimidating. I mean we’re talking about an 800, 1,200 pound bull.”

Raynell Childs was getting her kids ready for school when officers cornered and captured the beast several doors from her home.

“We saw it on our cameras on our house and were like, wait a minute, that’s not a horse.”

It gave her a good laugh and her kids a good story for school.

I was like, if you guys are late, just tell them we were looking at a bull in our neighborhood.”

An off-duty police officer on a horse was able to corner the bull into a yard and get it onto a trailer around 7 a.m.

Animal control took the bull to Horseman’s Park where it will be housed until it can be reunited with its owner.

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