LAS VEGAS (KLAS) — Oncologists are hopeful about a new study examining the impacts of staying on breast cancer treatments long term. The doctors are hopeful but measured about the results of the new study.

Women diagnosed with estrogen receptor or ER-positive tumors continue to experience breast cancer recurrence and death for as long as 30 years after initial diagnosis.

So researchers examined the lifetime benefits and harm of staying on their medications long term to prevent the disease from returning. The new computer model study shows these treatments could reduce the risk of death years later.

Local surgeon Doctor Lyn Knoblock with Southern Nevada Surgery Specialists cautions what works for one patient doesn’t work for everybody.

“We need to add it to other information that we have and use it to stimulate us to think differently at times but there is rarely a time when one study changes everything that we do,” she said.

What we do know is that catching breast cancer early through a mammogram or self-exam does work.        

If you don’t have insurance and need a mammogram or other breast health services, you can reach out to the R.E.D. Rose Program at St. Rose Dominican. You can get a preventive exam totally free with no need for medical insurance or proof of residency. You can call (702) 620-7858 or email: