Brothers Jesus and Jason would be wonderful sons to the right family.


Wednesday’s Child today is a pair of brothers watching out for each other.  Dave Courvoisier reports, they’ve much rather have a loving home to look out for them.

Jesus and Jason walked about the Wii Play Games store almost not believing what they were seeing.  What did they like most?

“Um, just about everything, their favorite activities are video games, so this is the perfect place for them they are having a blast and they love to ride bikes and hang out with their friends, they are just typical boys and they like to do everything together, says Liz, their case worker.

Although….when I asked ’em outright about the “brotherly love” between ’em, I got a different outlook.

“Do you guys like each other? asks Dave.

(both say “no”)

“Why do you say that, you’re brothers!” says Dave.

“Because sometimes we fight a lot and we don’t like to,” says Jesus.

Jesus is the older of the two at 10 — he’s in fourth grade, and Jason is 8, and in second grade.

“Jason is the class clown, he loves to make people laugh, he loves to tell jokes, definitely the more talkative of the two, and he’s just a happy kid,” explains Liz.

And he’s happy due in large part to the fact he’s got his big brother watching out for him.

“Jesus is the older brother he’s more reserved, but very smart, and loves his brother dearly,” adds Liz.,

When I asked Jesus if he understood what adoption means, he summarized it neatly:

“IIt means that we will stay somewhere forever,” he says flatly.

“They’re warming up to the idea and I think it’s a fairly new concept of them and I think they understand is best that they can, I think that they are ready to be part of a forever family and as much as they can understand that’s something that they are excited for.  These kids need and deserve a lot of attention and they just need a loving home that’s willing to take the time to help them grow and help them thrive,” says Liz.

Be sure to call the local office of the Adoption Exchange to inquire about Jesus and Jason.  Their number is 702-436-6335.

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