Brothel owner Dennis Hof is facing new allegations of sexual assault as he continues his campaign for a seat in the Nevada Assembly.

A 2007 Lyon County Sheriff’s Department report details an assault that allegedly took place in 2005. However, the case was closed without any charges being filed. 

Hof denied the charges when he was interviewed by a Lyon County sheriff’s deputy in 2007. In fact, he said he didn’t even remember the alleged victim. And through a spokesman, he continues to deny them now. 

Hof was dogged by allegations of sexual assault of workers and guests at his brothels during his successful campaign for assembly, in which he defeated three-term incumbent Republican James Oscarson in District 36.

In a recent interview conducted before the newest charges emerged, Hof denied all wrongdoing.

Politics Now co-host Steve Sebelius: “Just to be 100 percent clear about those charges. You have denied there has ever been any inappropriate contact between yourself and the employees of the brothels that you run? And any of the guests that come there?”

Dennis Hof:  “Absolutely, we are going to prove it. And we are looking at some upcoming litigation. And by the way.”

Steve Sebelius: “Are you talking about defamation litigation?”

Dennis Hof: “Yes. It is difficult when you are celebrity, and it is even more difficult when you are running for office. We are going to be able to prove some things that will be earth shattering for the other side.”

In the latest charges, an unidentified worker at Hof’s Bunny Ranch 2 Brothel in Lyon County alleged to sheriff’s deputies that Hof had assaulted her in her room two years prior. In the police report, she called it sexual harassment, but told a deputy that a lawyer had advised her to file a report for assault. 

An alleged witness to part of the assault told deputies she didn’t witness anything. And because of the lack of physical evidence, the department closed the case without filing charges. Hof said through a spokesman, he wasn’t even aware a police report existed until it was reported in the Review-Journal this week.

Hof is the front-runner for election to the District 36 seat, since Republicans vastly outnumber Democrats in the rural Nevada district. However, he does face Democrat Lisa Romanov in the November general election.