LAS VEGAS (KLAS) — Four more dogs have been rescued from a meat farm in South Korea. 8 News NOW first told you about the first batch of dogs’ tale of survival last week. It’s a story that has been shared by thousands on the 8 News NOW Facebook page.

Rescuing these dogs from Asia can cost as much as $800 just to bring one dog to the United States. But during the latest rescue, Retriever Rescue Las Vegas was able to afford four thanks in part to the community.

Seven-year-old Chase Pickering waited patiently to meet who he says is his new best friend.

“He’s been drawing me pictures and sending me pictures that I could send his foster in Korea, and he falls asleep every night with a picture of his baby with him,” said Danielle Roth, the president of Retriever Rescue Las Vegas. “It’s just been an adorable story.”

It’s been two months since Chase’s parents chose Kona as their new family pet. The two met for the first time on Monday.

Chase meets his adopted dog Kona for the first time.

“She’s a chocolate lab,” according to Roth. “She’s beautiful!”

Chase has autism. His parents plan to train Kona to be his emotional support animal.

“It was pretty exciting. He’s actually been waiting a long time for her to come and every day he’s been asking, ‘when is Kona coming,”said Lovey Pickering, Chase’s mother. “He looks in the sky and sees an airplane and says, ‘Is that her plane?'”

For the adorable pooches named Aspen, Summer, Junes, and Kona, this is their second chance at life.

“He gets kind of anxious the way some children do, and I’m hoping that she’ll be there to be next to him and kind of be his best bud and to calm him when he’s nervous and be a support for him,” Pickering said.

It’s the dogs’ chance to live a better life in a new home.

“Watching their freedom steps; watching those tail wags is what it’s all about,” said Roth.

Retriever Rescue Las Vegas still has 29 dogs that are waiting to leave South Korea.

All together, they are hoping to rescue 60 dogs.