Boy Scouts have $15,000 in camping gear stolen


A Boy Scout troop is out thousands of dollars after their trailer was broken into.

It happened overnight at the Lamb of God Lutheran Church and School.

“They pretty much rampaged through and took equipment from there,” said Anthony Cervantes, Scout Master, Troop 340.

Stealing from kids, that’s what Cervantes thinks of when he looks at the troop’s empty trailer.

“I can’t believe people would stoop down that low to do something like that,” Cervantes said. 

$15,000 of camping equipment gone. Boy Scout Adam Garcia thought a locked up trailer would be safe on church grounds.

“It’s disappointing that people would steal from others who are willing to work for it,” Garcia said. 

“That’s six years of fundraising that these young men have earned to buy for the troop,” Cervantes said.

The troop had a big camping trip less than two weeks away and now they have no gear. 

“We’re a little concerned about the trip now. I’m not sure how we’re going to do everything, but I’m hopeful we’re going to get past it,” Garcia said.  

Anyone who wants to make a donation can contact Lamb of God Lutheran Church and School at (702) 645-4998. 

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