Boulder City says it’s now pursuing criminal charges against its former animal control supervisor following allegations that she improperly euthanized nearly 100 animals in one year.

The city said in a press release Thursday that it was seeking to file felony and gross misdemeanor charges against Mary Jo Frazier.

The city said it forced her out after learning about the “inexcusable” events and determined against charges, but as of Thursday had decided to take action because of “public involvement.”

Boulder City sent the following statement:

“The City believes the events at the Animal Shelter were inexcusable. That is why within hours of learning of the issue, Chief of Police Administration Conger relieved Frazier of her duties and within two days she had resigned.
The initial determination was to not pursue charges, but public involvement has caused us to reevaluate that position. Conger has been in touch with District Attorney Wolfson and advised him that the felony and gross misdemeanor charges will be submitted to his office for full evaluation. City misdemeanors will be submitted to
the City prosecutor.”