A surge of new businesses, such as restaurants, coffee shops, and bars, recently opened up in the northwest part of the Las Vegas valley, which is good news for Centennial Hills, an area once hit hard by the recession.

Business has been better than I could’ve possibly imagined,” said Kari Garcia, TSP Baking Company.

Business is not only booming in Centennial Hills, but it’s also flourishing in the area in the northwest valley north of Decatur right off of the 215.

“It was literally a desert,” Garcia said as she described the location of her new bakery. 

Empty parking lots, deserted business centers and leasing signs once plagued the north and northwestern parts of town, especially during the recession. 

“It’s nice to see it surge because it was pretty dead,” Garcia said.

Many businesses closed up shop, but that’s not so much the case these days.

Garcia, a small business owner, says she’s thrilled with about the sweet success, her bakery, TSP Baking Company, has had seen since it opened its doors this in November.

Garcia said her bakery has even attracting business from the Thunderbirds

“I feel like there has been a renaissance over here because there were a lot of open fields and we were waiting for people to build, but they finally started building, probably about a year ago,” Garcia said.

At least ten business have opened along North Decatur and North Durango.  In fact, three local business, including a bar called Distill have opened to the public since mid-January.

Distill opened its bar three days ago.  The line was out the door on its opening night.

“They are so excited that we are here,” said Amy Vandermark, marketing manager.  “During training we had the doors unlocked, and people were coming in and out, so excited; we’re so excited to be in the neighborhood.”

According to one of Distill’s newest patrons, it’s all a revitilizing sign.

“There was a lot of empty buildings for awhile,” said Pete Martinez, Distill Patron.  “A lot of businesses that were going to open ended up not opening, but they’ve come a long way, and everything’s starting to open up again.”

Las Vegas Councilman and Mayor Pro Tem Steve Ross told 8 News NOW that last year alone, Centennial Hills had 357 new business licenses issued, and almost a 1,050 new building permits issued.