A blogger who supports legalizing rape was planning an “International Meet-up Day” for his followers in Las Vegas — that is until it was canceled.

Before it was canceled, the event was scheduled to take place on Fremont Street Saturday. 

The controversial ‘pickup artist,’ Daryush Valizadeh, also known as Roosh V., set off a firestorm after publishing a post on his blog about why rape should be legal on private property.
Ever since the announcement of the event, it has received a lot of backlash because some people have called it a ‘pro-rape’ rally.

People 8 News NOW spoke with can’t believe the organizer actually planned an event of this nature.

“It’s just absolutely ridiculous,” said Amanda Flett, visiting from Australia.

“That is disgusting,” said Nikki Wyatt, visiting from England.

“I would be completely offended and appalled by that,” according to Rick Ziemek, visiting from Chicago.
The International Meetup Day was an event for ‘straight men.’

Roosh V. is known for his anti-feminism views and has also self-published 15 books giving men advice on how to get women to sleep with them.

“This guy is no more advocating rape or even seriously advocating changing the rape laws than Johnny Depp is really a pirate,” said Marc Randazza, First Amendment Attorney.

Randazza believes Roosh V.’s opinion on legalizing rape on private property is just a publicity stunt.  Roosh V. published an article on his website claiming if rape became legal; women would make better decisions about who they go home with, but he said that was satire.

Satire or not, the article is making its rounds on social media and causing outrage.  A lot of people say the blogger’s views are nothing but hateful rhetoric, but Randazza says it’s his constitutional right.

“Forget what his message is — he’s advocating a change in the law whether he’s doing so seriously or whether he’s doing satirically, you have every right to do that,” said Randazza.
Roosh V., the 36-year-old American-born writer, has also been called a men’s rights activist.  Most recently he organized a world-wide event for his followers at 165 locations in 43 different countries.