BLM, US Forest Service prepare land with traps before wild horses round up


The controversy surrounding the wild horses at Cold Creek continued Thursday.

Cold Creek is a small town located about 45 minutes northwest of Las Vegas.

The Bureau of Land Management and the U.S. Forest Service work to round up over 200 wild horses in the area.  They say the horses are sick and need to be cared for, but animal advocates say that’s not the case.

However, residents in that community want the animals to stay there and be free.

On Thursday, the BLM and the Forest Service started preparing for the process by picking spots to place traps, which are fenced areas with food. 

The BLM will lure the horses into the area before loading them into trailers to move them to a holding area.  They say they also will have a veterinarian on site to check them over and vaccinate them. 

Some horses will go out for adoption, while others will stay on an open range ranch. 

The Forest Service says drought conditions have put these animals in danger of starvation, and they’re trying to get them out while they are still healthy to travel. 

Some community members 8 News NOW spoke with say this is not in the horses best interest and uprooting them is a bad idea. 

“It’s important because everyone is passionate about these horses,” said Naaman Horn with the U.S. Forest Service.  “The community certainly is, and we are as well, and our goal is to protect these horses and do what’s in their best interest.”

“I moved here because of the horses that were the primary reason I moved,” said Greg Clarke, the president of the Neighborhood Association at Cold Creek. “My granddaughter loved them; she’d come up here every time she was in town to see the horses.” 

I’m told the gathering process is expected to start late Thursday night and go through Friday.  The BLM says it will take a while to complete. 

The U.S. forest service also says they’re trying to reduce stress on the animals so that they will keep mares and foals together. 

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