A wrongful death lawsuit filed against Ted Binion’s former girlfriend Sandra Murphy has now been dismissed.

Sandra Murphy was the casino boss’s live-in girlfriend when he was found dead in 1998. Murphy and her secret lover, Rick Tabish, were put on trial for Binion’s death and for stealing his silver.

In the first trial, they were convicted of both charges. During the second trial, both were acquitted of murder but convicted again for the silver theft.

Tuesday, Judge Elizabeth Halverson granted a motion to dismiss the wrongful death suit, because in Nevada, after you start a case, it must be brought to trial within five years.

Herb Sachs, Sandra Murphy’s lawyer, says now they will try to get Murphy the money Ted Binion left her in his will.

“It gave her the house, the contents and $300,000 as well. If I weren’t hopeful, I would not pursue this after doing my research, and if I think time has expired, I will stipulate to dismiss that case as well.”

The judge has not set a date for that case but has asked to see the paperwork.