Lawmakers on Monday approved a bill that seeks to eventually break up the Clark County School District.

The Nevada Legislature voted to approve Assembly Bill 394. The bill approves the creation of a committee to study the potential break-up of the Clark County School District into five smaller precincts.

The break-up would occur prior to the 2018-2019 school year.

The committee would include lawmakers, legislative staff and members of the public. A series of public meetings would take place prior to the break-up taking effect in June 2018.

Supporters of a break-up say it would create transparency and give parents more access to school administrators.

“As parents, we all see what goes on on our school’s campus, and we’re very tied into what happens to our teachers and our administrators,” said Caryne Shea with the group Hope for Nevada. “But, there could be a disconnect between what happens at school and what happens in that central office.”

Hope for Nevada, a non-partisan parent organization, says the downside of this measure is the cost. A study would cost approximately $800,000.

Hope for Nevada says other districts have spent money on similar studies and gone bankrupt.

The bill heads to the governor’s desk.