Big Dave’ travels the U.S. for hugs and high-5s


They call him “Big Dave”.

He has a simple request. Dave Sylvester wants to make you smile and It’s the idea that a hug or a high five can brighten someone’s day.

“Being here today, I’ve hugged and high five’d over 1500 people,” Sylvester said. “Its been wonderful. That’s all it takes to make somebody smile. Its just a brief connection.”

Sylvester was at the World Market Center in Las Vegas this week to spread a little love.

For nearly 16 years, he has traveled the world in honor of his late friend Kevin Bowser. Bowser was killed in the World Trade Center on September 11, 2001.

“I am so much better because of him and this is just a great way to celebrate his life, his influence, and what his family meant to me,” said Sylvester. “I have hugged and high five’d people from El Salvador, Scotland, South Africa, Kenya and Zimbabwe.”

Sylvester partnered with Duke Cannon, a small business specializing in men’s grooming products, for his new tour. From July through September, Sylvester plans to focus on cities that have been recently impacted by violence and trauma.

“I think what he’s doing is incredible. Frankly, I’ve never met a cooler and better dude than him,” said Alexander Gornakov with Duke Cannon. “Duke Cannon stands for chivalry, kind of working with your hands, doing what’s right. Ultimately, just being a better dude. We felt that he was kind of the embodiment of our brand.”

Their mission is to give as many hugs and high-fives as possible during a 72-day, 48-state cross country tour.

So far, Sylvester has hugged and high-five’d more than 8,000 people.

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