LAS VEGAS (KLAS) — We could all use a little extra cash, whether it’s just to make monthly bills or because you want to beef up your fund for the holiday spending season.

If you are considering gig work there are some important things to know.

Alex Atwood is the chief executive officer of GravyWork, an app that matches employers with workers who can work either just a single dayshift or multiple days across an event.

Gig work offers a great opportunity for someone to make some extra cash to buy those holiday gifts.

To make the process efficient Atwood said it’s important to set availability in advance so you can plan your commitments.

It seems everywhere you look, now hiring signs are posted in all sorts of businesses.

“Retail, hospitality, delivery fulfillment centers, all different industries, and employers need help right now,” Atwood added. “Take a look at the calendar over the next few months, and determine what times you have available to work these extra jobs.”

Other important tips include being flexible and open-minded.
Gig work is fast-paced, and can be more demanding than a traditional job.

“You’re going to need to prepare yourself, for longer hours, possibly extra stress, whether working event or retail, a high volume or need to get things done in a short amount of time,” Atwood added.

Also, remember you have to dress for the occasion, holiday gigs can require festive attire, sometimes even formal attire.