Baby fighting for life after dad shot, killed


A man is dead and a baby fighting to live after a shooting in the southeast valley. It happened at the Capri complex near Tropicana Avenue and Pecos Road Wednesday night.

Fear and shock set in among neighbors Thursday.

“I said, ‘Mom, there’s police activity over here!’ And we never see police here,” said Eric Schmelz.

People living in the gated Capri Apartment complex says its usually quiet, but many of them saw the aftermath of the shooting that left a man dead and 3-week-old baby critically injured.

“Just really sad,” Schmelz said. “They were shaken and sad.”

He says his mom lives in an apartment nearby and he was dropping her off when he saw the situation unfold.

“The lights are going and everything so we get to the gate, put our code in and get through the gate, and there’s police tape everywhere.”

Metro Police tell 8 News Now that the couple was arguing when the woman’s brother got a gun and shot the baby’s father. The infant also suffered a bullet to the stomach.

“It’s absolutely tragic when you have a 3-week-old baby that is the victim of gun violence,” said Metero Lt. Raymond Spencer. “I urge anybody, who is going through a domestic violence situation to reach out.”

Schmelz worries this tragedy is a sign of a citywide issue.

“We’re worried we might be getting more big city problems, I guess we’ve had them for a while but it feels like we’re becoming more like California now,” he said. “It does scare me a lot, and I worry about our city now.”

Metro says the man who pulled the trigger is no longer in custody. Detectives are deciding if this was an act of self-defense.

The Clark County coroner hasn’t released an identification for the man who died. 

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