Authorities urge vigilance against terrorism


“See something? Say something.” That’s the message from the Southern Nevada Counter-Terrorism Center.

They want the public’s help in stopping mass shootings and other terrorist acts before they happen.

Clark County Fire Captain Roger Brooks is the liaison to the fusion center, a counter-terrorism division.

“Once it comes through the watch desk, it will be followed up on,” he said.

His role is to help fire crews on the ground during a crisis.

Before a shooting or terrorist incident occurs, he shares his advice to help detectives spot suspicious acts – such as someone snapping pictures of buildings – and surveilling them.

“We’re talking about critical infrastructure buildings or schools or churches or things like that in your own community where you live,” he said,

Brooks urges people to look out for anyone buying supplies that could make a bomb or a destructive device. People should also keep an eye on anyone testing security or performing “dry-runs”.

Jocelyn Torres with Progress Now Nevada says she wants the Nevada Legislature to do more, because mass shootings are becoming commonplace.

“This is always happening, and there are always the same prepared remarks from our elected officials, but nothing kind of moves past that,” she said.

She is lobbying to tighten gun control laws. Those in the gun industry say, even with stricter laws, extremists and criminals will find a way to get their hands on weapons.

If and when they do, first responders say they are prepared.

“We have one of the best policies in place,” Brooks said. “It forms teams to go in and pull out injured people in situations like that. The hope is to get them medical care faster than what’s been done in the past.”

The Southern Nevada Counter-Terrorism Center has a hotline for reporting suspicious activity. That number is 702-828-7777. You can also report suspicious activity anonymously at the center’s website.

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