SALT LAKE CITY (CNN) — The lawyer representing the family says this wasn’t the only time this happened.

“A grown man shouldn’t beat a child on a school bus. The bigger system issues are why did this bus driver have zero training about how to deal with ‘A’ people with disabilities and ‘B’ this specific child,” said attorney Aaron Kinikini.

The bus driver was fired shortly after this, Kinikini said. Then the Saratoga Springs City Police Department was called in. No criminal charges were brought against the former bus driver.

The teen in the video is autistic, blind and non verbal. So, Kinikini says she needs special attention.

“Families with children that have really complicated needs rely on the systems that are in place, the special ed systems, they are kind of hesitant to put that in jeopardy,” Kinikini said.

And while he says the family doesn’t want to make waves they want accountability.

“The system that is in place to protect these vulnerable children needs to be reassessed from the top down,” he said.

Kinikini says the department found no violations. The law firm did file a civil rights complaint lawsuit against several parties including the Alpine School District and Utah State Board of Education.