Attorney Bill Carmody is up against three pharmaceutical giants in two of the most recent lawsuits he is spearheading. He is representing Promosome LLC, a small biotech firm in two lawsuits filed against Moderna, Pfizer, and BioNtech for patent infringement. Promosome alleges that the companies used its patented method for their COVID-19 vaccines which earned them a combined $110 billion.

Carmody told the 8 News Now Investigators that the goal of the lawsuit is to get justice for Promosome.

“This is a case about the makers of the COVID vaccine using the public health emergency to make billions of dollars but not sharing any of it with the rightful developer of the key technology in these vaccines,” Carmody said.

Carmody is no stranger to high-profile lawsuits. He is currently representing plaintiffs in a lawsuit filed against Google alleging that privacy settings for “Incognito Mode” are misrepresented, the city of Baltimore in its lawsuit against opioid manufacturers and distributors as the city alleges they are responsible for injuries and damages caused by fraudulent and reckless marketing of the drugs, and DirecTV subscribers in a class action lawsuit against the National Football League alleging that DirecTV’s exclusive Sunday Ticket package violates federal antitrust laws.

Carmody touts his “bet-the-company” approach. Rather than bill for hours worked on a case, Carmody earns fees based on the outcome. He said that he tries to play out the case like a chess game and places an “educated bet” on results.

In May, Carmody secured a record $203 million award while representing billionaire hedge fund manager Louis Bacon in a defamation lawsuit against fashion mogul Peter Nygard.

Carmody also worked to secure a reported $480 million settlement after WeWork founder Adam Neumann sued SoftBank for pulling out of a deal to buy $3 billion in WeWork stock.

Previous clients also include Uber, General Electric, and Yale University.

Carmody is a partner at Susman Godfrey and heads the firm’s New York office.