The Cannabis Cup is underway despite a threat from the federal government to potentially intervene with the pot festival.

The event is taking place this weekend on Moapa tribal land off of I-15 near Valley of Fire Highway.

Federal prosecutors took a hard line in a letter to festival organizers saying federal laws apply and pot smokers could be prosecuted if caught with the drug at the event.

8 News NOW spoke with one person who is upset about the organizer’s decision to not allow marijuana at the Cannabis Cup.

“I think High Times has been really foolish. They’ve upset a lot of people. Some of my friends were going to be vending here from Michigan. They spent a lot of money, and they went to a lot of trouble, and it all got canceled on them last minute. That isn’t the fault of the federal government those rules have been in place for a long time,” Festival attendee Andrew McDonald said.  

Nevada has now made recreational pot legal, but a person can only carry an ounce or the drug.

Some people in attendance defended their right to light up with Nevada’s new law in place.

“Prohibition has been in place for a long period of time, but we’ve won the battle and because we have the recreation here in Nevada anyone over the age of 21 can have cannabis on their person can consume in the privacy of their home,” Jason Sturtsman of Wellness Education Cannabis Advocates of Nevada said.

Organizers of the High Times Cannabis Cup say the event in Southern Nevada is now essentially a music festival.

The Trump administration has hinted more enforcement when it comes to pot because it is still illegal on the federal level.

This weekend’s warning to festival organizers from federal prosecutors could be an indicator.