ATM robbery has residents on edge


A brazen robbery involving a suspect with a gun at a local ATM in broad daylight has some residents on edge.

We’re learning it’s just one of the latest incidents of a larger crime problem Metro police are seeing — thieves preying on distracted people.

Metro police say two suspects in this case went after a woman at a drive up ATM. One man approached the woman in her car and pulled out a gun. The second suspect stayed in the getaway car.

Metro police say there’s been an uptick in reported crime where thieves target people in public parking lots.
It’s a frightening image — a suspect with a gun demanding cash from a lady at a northwest area bank ATM.

“It kind of startled me because I frequent this bank a lot and the ATM,” said Rita Madden, resident.

It has Madden thinking twice about how safe she really is running her usual errands around the valley.

“It made me think, coming here especially late in the evening and I have been doing that sometimes.”

Metro police say there’s been an uptick of incidents revolving around robberies or thefts happening in public parking lots.

“We have somebody who is preying on them waiting for that right moment to strike to rob them of their hard earned cash,” said Officer Michael Rodriguez, Metro.  

Being aware of your surroundings is crucial.

Police say an ATM can be a hot spot where robbers look to prey on unsuspecting victims. People are often distracted when at an ATM. Police say take every precaution you can and avoid using them at night. If possible, always go inside the bank to get money.

Police give this advice if you are robbed.

“We say play it safe and give them that property,” Rodriguez said. “We don’t want to respond to a homicide.”

For Madden, she’s going to keep safety in mind.

“I’ll go inside when I can and I think I’ll be going inside more than going to the ATM now.”  

The people involved in this latest ATM hold up are still on the loose.

If you recognize the suspect with a gun, Metro police want to hear from you.
You can also contact CrimeStoppers at (702) 385-5555.


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