A business boom is underway just west of the Las Vegas Strip. It’s in the area known as Chinatown and starts around Spring Mountain Road and Valley View Boulevard.

The stretch of road keeps expanding. Asian businesses can be found for two-and-half miles all the way to Jones Boulevard and the nearby vicinity.

Take a drive along Spring Mountain and it’s easy to spot new stores and restaurants that continue to pop up.

From 2007 through today, Asian owned businesses grew 28 percent in Clark County. There are now around 19,000.

“It’s giving us more of a big city feel, like a New York or a Chicago where you have a real Chinatown and so you can experience a lot of the different foods from around the world,” said Stuart Mandelbaum, resident.

Over at Ramen Hashi, Chef Armando Robles is using homemade recipes to attract foodies to the three-month-old restaurant.

“Our broths are lighter than anybody else’s. They’re done from scratch, just like our noodles. Our noodles we make every single day. We make our bamboo from scratch too,” said Armando Robles, head chef, Ramen Hashi.

“I’m a Japanese major actually. So, ramen is a really cool thing for me because a lot of the owners around here are Japanese themselves. So, I get to speak a little Japanesee with people all around town,” said Celia Faye, resident. 

Paris Baguette opened up in December. It’s French bakery with some desserts that have an Asian influence.

“I think it’s great because it gives an opportunity for tourists to come here and actually afford Las Vegas. The prices are very reasonable and the food is delicious,” said Karen Lee, visitor. 

Down the street, Gabi Coffee and Bakery is in its final stages of construction and should open in March.

“So, in the 1920s, that’s when coffee first came into Korea and we got our name off of the movie Gabi and the barista in the movie actually tries to assassinate the emperor with coffee,” said Jennifer Yoon, Gabi Coffee & Bakery. 

Don’t worry — that’s just the inspiration for their name.

And the coffeehouse will feature the latest in roasting technology.

“It targets a larger base. It attracts the American clients and customers and it also attracts the traditional customer,” Lee said. 

And this growth isn’t just happening here. Even more Asian owned businesses are opening up in the southwest part of the valley.