LAS VEGAS (KLAS) — A public relations arm of the U.S. military apologized on Saturday after a Tweet was sent out suggesting a bomber would be the last thing millennials who attempted to storm Area 51 would see.

On Friday, an employee of the Defense Visual Information Distribution Service (DVIDS) allegedly Tweeted a photo of servicemembers standing in front of a B-2 stealth bomber with the caption: “The last thing #Millennials will see if they attempt the #area51raid.” The Tweet was sent out on DVIDSHub’s official account.

DVIDS posted an apology on Saturday, stating the post does not support the stance of the Department of Defense.

Twitter user fightthepower posted a screenshot of the original Tweet in question.

The “Storm Area 51” party wrapped up last night in Rachel with the final night of Alienstock.

Lincoln County officials estimate more than 3,000 people attended the galactic party in Rachel, over 250 turned out for events in Hiko and several hundred appeared at the gate to Area 51.