VIDEO: I-Team reporter George Knapp’s interview with Storm Area 51 creator.

LAS VEGAS (KLAS) — A Facebook page that sparked thousands of memes and millions of views has been removed. The provocative title was “Storm Area 51.”

It started as a joke, according to the young man who created it, but after more than two million people expressed an interest in joining the event, it grew into something else.

Signs posted at Area 51 warn against trespassing and photography. (KLAS-TV)

Lincoln County officials and business owners have been preparing for an influx of perhaps thousands of tourists on September 20.

Matty Roberts started the “Storm Area 51” Facebook page. (KLAS-TV)

The page was taken down by Facebook. Matty Roberts says he tried to create a related page but it was also taken down. Roberts told the I-Team that he has used the page to inform the public that no one should storm Area 51, Nevada’s top secret military base. 

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In a statement he called it a reckless move by Facebook because his page was “trying to direct people to a much safer alternative.” Adding “I’ve created a mess and now they have taken away my ability to clean it up.”

Lincoln County businesses say the event will go on and that specific plans are underway for that weekend.