Are rideshare apps like Uber, Lyft increasing traffic congestion?


The popularity of ride-sharing apps like Uber and Lyft aren’t just upsetting the taxi industry – some say it’s adding to traffic congestion during their daily commutes. 

A recent study by a consultant who has worked with the New York City Department of Transportation, Taxi and Limousine Commission says that ridesharing apps are contributing to congestion in the country’s nine busiest cities

It seems everywhere you turn near the Las Vegas Strip; there’s an Uber or Lyft vehicle. 

Las Vegas resident Jake Ballew says,”I like them. I think they’re good for the city. I think their good for safety, quicker than public transportation like buses, and safer than cabs. I think they are good overall.” 

Uber, Lyft, and companies moved 2 point 61 billion passengers last year. Up 37% from the year before and a recent study claims ridesharing is adding to traffic headaches around the country.

Here in Las Vegas, many believe an increase in traffic is just part of population growth.

Uber driver Dave Carpenter says he thinks ridesharing has reduced the amount of traffic on city roadways.
“I think that we have reduced the cabs, we reduced the number of rent-a-cars that have been rented,” says Carpenter.  “This is information that comes from the back seat, from my riders, and I said, ‘have you rented a car? Have you taken that?’ then they say ‘no.’ Since the parking fees have started in many of the hotels, different things are taking place. [It takes] less money and [it’s] quicker. It’s easier for me to request rideshare and walk out, it’s almost like having a limo.” 

Another major factor is the cost. 

Insurance rates went up across the board here in the state, and many people are getting rid of their cars altogether. They say ridesharing is just easier on them, and on their wallets.  

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