Everyone isn’t able to get home to their families over the holiday, but one group is trying to change that.

Carol Metoyer lives at Saint Joseph’s Rehab facility.  She’s been wheelchair bound since she had a stroke, so it’s tough for her to get around.

However, American Medical Response, a company that usually shuttles patients to doctors appointments, stepped in to get Metoyer to her family for the holidays. 

“We provide a home for the holiday program,” said Zack Ratner-Miller, AMR.

Ratner-Miller says a transport like Metoyer’s usually cost more than $160 round trip, but since it’s the season of giving, AMR has decided to take people home for free.)

“From my experience, after doing this for almost 15 years, they love this opportunity,” Ratner-Miller said.  “It also allows people to meet on a different basis instead of transporting them to a dialysis center or transporting them to a hospital.  Now they get to take them home and see how wonderful the families are.”

Ratner-Miller says AMR will bring 20 patients like Metoyer to their loved ones Thursday.  This is great for people like Metoyer because she says, “there’s no place like home.”

Metoyer will join five generations for dinner Thursday.  She says nothing compares to “the food, the people, the surroundings — it’s always got to be home.”

AMR will offer the same service on Christmas Day.