The names of three men suspected of vandalizing a pupfish habitat were released Thursday.

The Nye County Sheriff Office said 29-year-old Steven Schwinkendorf of Pahrump, 35-year-old Edgar Reyes of North Las Vegas and 26-year-old Trenton Sargent of Indian Springs have been identified as the suspects.

The three men are facing federal charges of conspiracy to commit a crime, killing of an endangered species, destruction of property, trespassing, destruction of habitat and an ex-felon possession of a firearm.

Officials said, on April 30 the alleged vandals dismantled security cameras, shooting various scientific equipment, and leaving behind trash.  A spokeswoman with Death Valley National Parks estimates the damage is in the tens of thousands of dollars.

However, the surveillance video shows the biggest loss may have come when one of the suspects was walking in the water that houses the pupfish at Devil’s Hole.  One pupfish was found dead.

Other charges including trespassing, damage to habitat and conspiracy will also be added to the group of charges.