All-New Digital Classroom in ‘What’s Cool at School’


In Alexandra Matthews classroom at Greenspun Junior High….the future is here!

Matthews was one of 20 teachers named winners at The Smith Center’s Heart of Education Awards.

Matthews was selected from over 900 finalists for the Heart of Education Awards. As a winner, she received a $5,000 cash prize and a $1,000 donation to her school. Matthews commented, “Being one of 20 in this large district was a tremendous honor….first of all….it wasn’t expected!”

She earned and utilized a one-million dollar technology grant to buy Google Chromebooks for 1,500 students at Greenspun.

She went on to develop an all-new digital curriculum, “Google and Beyond,” teaching students how to use Google docs, upload and share documents, manage Google drive folders, and even write code.

8th grader Ralph Pugh said, “She started with it, and now, a lot of other teachers have started to use it so that’s pretty cool – how she embraced that!” 

Each student has their own Google Drive. Everything ends up there. Kind of like the binder of yesteryear. She can even monitor student work….as they’re working. Students work with cloud-based apps, from Doodle for Google to create images, to Word Cloud for brainstorming, to Scratch – where they learn to write code. 

The end goal, a final exam of sorts, will be an arcade themed showcase in May where they can show the results of their inventiveness and technological proficiency.

The Smith Center Heart of Education award….a point of pride for both teacher and students! 7th grader Diego Toledano said…”My teacher actually got the achievement, and I was very happy because I knew she had something in her!”

The Smith Center, a nonprofit organization, created the Heart of Education Awards to promote teacher recruitment and retention in Clark County School District.

This annual program is powered by The Rogers Foundation.

The Smith Center’s third-annual Heart of Education Awards celebration is going to be held on April 20 this year.

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