There’s new life in the effort to build a basketball arena on the Las Vegas Strip.  Developers behind the All Net Arena project have filed new plans with Clark County that stick with what was first proposed — an expansion.

The site is on the north end of the strip, next to the Fontainebleau property, which is also the former home to Wet-N-Wild.  It’s been almost four years since former NBA and UNLV star Jackie Robinson first proposed building an arena in that location. 

It all seemed promising back in 2013.

“We’ve been working this for about five years, and now we’re ready to move forward,” Robinson said in an interview in 2013.

It all seemed promising in 2014.

“I’m asking the county commission to give me a chance to give back to the community that gave me everything,” Robinson reiterated in 2014.

However, since then, the effort has had fits and starts.
Now, developers want to add the plans with a tower as tall as its neighbors, but without all of the problems.

The development team behind Robinson has tried to build the All Net Arena site for the better part of four years.  The team said it would cost $1.3 billion.

However, the digging of a hole in March is about the only real visible sign of any work taking place.

Despite the fits and starts for the 27-acre project, there are now indications of new life.

These plans were recently filed with Clark County and drawn up in June.  In addition to the arena, there are 500 room hotel and retail space also on the books.  The new proposal includes a major expansion.

The most notable part of the plan is a 2,000 room, 728-foot tall hotel tower.   It would be roughly the same size as the Fontainebleau property.  It will also be the third tallest building in Las Vegas.

A large conference center, bowling alley, showroom, and wedding chapel would be added.

A meeting with the developer and nearby homeowners is scheduled for Monday.  The plans have already gone before the local town board.
County commissioners are scheduled to discuss the plans moe in October.  While very preliminary, there is skepticism any of this will actually happen.
On Friday, Commissioner Steve Sisolak called it “wishful thinking.”

Several attempts to reach All Net representatives were not returned.  Last week, commissioners approved an extension for All Net to make its plans final.
Expect another, clearer look at what may be in mind in two weeks when everything goes to the Winchester town board again.