Abused lion reunited with rescuer who’s a mother figure to him


CORDOBA, COLOMBIA (CBS/APTN) — In a bid to save its life, an emaciated lion in Colombia, was transported on Thursday to an area closer to its ‘mother.’ Jupiter’s mother is a woman named Ana Julia Torres.

Jupiter was rescued at a young age from a circus after a life of abuse. Following his rescue, Jupiter was dubbed the ‘kissing lion’ after video of him hugging his caretaker Ana Julia Torres went viral in 2011.

But in 2019, authorities removed Jupiter from Torres’ care over her reported lack of proper documentation to keep the lion.

Now in 2020, Jupiter is back in the spotlight but for the wrong reasons. Video emerged of the lion emaciated and unable to walk at his animal enclosure in the department of Cordoba.

Following outrage at home and abroad, animal lovers and his rescuer mobilised to get Jupiter removed from the facility and transported to a new home closer to his rescuer.

He will now receive treatment in Cali zoo, where vets will work around the clock to get Jupiter back to full health. And close by will be Torres, looking to provide a mother’s love as he recovers.

Cali’s Mayor Jorgan Ivan Ospina was part of the welcome committee for Jupiter. Speaking to media, he vowed to provide the lion with the best chances for a happy life.

The hope now for Jupiter is that this king of the jungle will once again return to his former glory.

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