The Russia Ukraine crisis is expected to be a large part of President Biden’s State of the Union Address tomorrow night.

Political Analyst Dr. Stephen Coleman said he believes it will be an electrifying speech.

“I think he’ll give a rousing speech, a rousing speech, and he’ll say we’ll have to fight for democracy in Ukraine by supporting the Ukrainians,” said Coleman. “Also, he’s gonna say we have to keep fighting COVID, and we almost have victory over COVID: that’s a very positive thing in terms of the fight against COVID,” he added. “Also, he’s gonna say, he’s gonna fight to get the first black woman on the Supreme Court of the United States, Ketanji Brown Jackson,” he concluded.

According to a recent Washington Post-ABC News poll, Pres. Biden’s approval rate dropped four points since November, with 55% of the American people strongly or somewhat disapproving of how he has handled his job in the Oval Office.

Despite his latest approval rating, Dr. Coleman believes things can quickly and positively turn around for Pres. Biden and his administration; and said he also thinks that Pres. Biden will draw light to Ukraine during his speech.

“Fighting for democracy in Ukraine, and we’re gonna fight like the dickens to save democracy in Ukraine,” said Coleman. “So I think it’s gonna be very much involved with that,” he added.

Dr. Coleman also predicted that Ketanji Brown Jackson will be voted in by the Senate come April.

The State of the Union Address will air tomorrow at 9 p.m.