LAS VEGAS (KLAS) – Eighty percent of women are wearing the wrong sized bra, so Jenette Goldstein wants to bring the experience of bra-fitting back in style for the everyday woman.

Goldstein is the CEO of ‘Jenette Bras,’ and she was an actress in the 80s; you may recognize her from the movie “Aliens.” She went to England and discovered European bras, so she wanted to bring that experience and quality back to the states.

She has several brick-and-mortar stores in L.A., but she began offering remote bra-fittings when the pandemic hit.

“We want to create a safe space for women to come in and because this is intimate clothing, and it’s an intimate experience, and you want to be with someone who is not going to judge you,” Goldstein said. “You’re going to have a good time, and she’s going to meet your needs for both your life and your silhouette, so in this way, we recreated the in-store experience for the virtual customer.”

Goldstein says a good bra is like a good pair of shoes and a nice pair of glasses. She also said her bra sizes go all the way up to a ‘K’ cup.

After you get fitted, Goldstein promises, you will feel like a million bucks.