LAS VEGAS (KLAS) —The Zebra, an insurance comparison site recently released its 2022 State of Auto Insurance report showing a 3% increase in national car insurance rates due to reckless driving behaviors, car-related thefts, and claims filed due to extreme weather events.

While Las Vegas area drivers saw a smaller increase compared to the national one, at an additional 2% auto premium prices since last year.

Insurance expert, Allie Byers for the Zebra says we still pay a lot more than our neighbors.

“For Las Vegas specifically what we’ve seen is speeding has been way up, there’s been an increase in reckless driving, car theft is up,” Byers said.

The average annual premium for Las Vegas drivers this year is at $2,088 annually compared to Reno’s premium which sits at $1480.

In Las Vegas, drivers seem to be paying more than drivers in Los Angeles where rates are currently at $2,053 annually.

Generally, when you see insurance premiums increase, it’s a clue that more people are filing claims in the area and the following also impacts how much you are paying.

“Who you are, age and credit, where you are, the zip code, what you drive, make model age, and how you drive, tickets and accidents.”

Speaking of where you live, drivers in the following zip codes in our state pay the most for car insurance. In North Las Vegas, those living in the zip code 89030 deal with an annual premium of $2562, and the zip codes in Las Vegas of 89101, 89102, 89104, and 89106 pay between $2564 and $2610 for an annual premium.

If interested, you can always check insurance policies to see if you are getting the best rates, at the Zebra.