Steep gas prices impact growing businesses, delivery drivers


LAS VEGAS (KLAS) — High gas prices can have a trickle-down effect. From salaries to products, how much people have to pay to drive has an impact on just about everything — especially when it comes to deliveries.

Experts say there’s no relief at the pump, coming before the Thanksgiving holiday.

Sergio Avila a spokesman for AAA Nevada sheds more light on the current state of gas prices in Nevada.

“Currently, the average in Nevada is $3.97 a gallon up compared to a week ago.
It’s only a two-cent increase, but compared to a month ago, that’s a 9-cent increase,” he says.

Gas prices are up and that is concerning most drivers, especially delivery drivers.

“Gas is an issue, we do a lot of going out every day in the truck and driving around and gas does add to the costs of doing our business,” says Jon Ynigues, co-owner of Grouchy Johns Coffee.

James Kerr is the owner of Boss Security Screens and says when gas prices go up they definitely feel it.

“Gas costs one of those things that you just can’t escape.
You know for business like us, we’ve got to go on site, meet the client. We have to transfer a product from one place to another,” says Kerr. “We serve Nevada, Arizona, and New Mexico we’ve got 30 employees we’ve got at any one moment. Five trucks on the road and another five cars for salespersons on the road and these are being used six days a week,” he adds.

With all the back and forth their monthly bill adds up to $4,000 about $48,000 a year. It is money they could use for more advertising, higher salaries, and product development.

“We have done some modifications to the truck to make the truck trucks lighter so that they consume less fuel,” adds Kerr.

Meanwhile, Ynigues says for his coffee shop company it costs about $150 to $200 range per day depending on the area but their biggest struggle is now plastic cups.

“So we were having issues getting those in stock and I don’t know if that’s the issues with the increase in pricing or gas prices,” he adds.

A few helpful ways to conserve during this time include, analyze how much you drive and consolidate your trips and above all be sure to keep your vehicle maintained.

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