4 group homes for mental ill closed after report details deplorable conditions


The Audit Subcommittee of the Legislative Council Bureau released a report on Jan. 17 that identified unacceptable conditions in the Community Based Living Arrangement homes operated by Northern Nevada Adult Mental Health Services and Southern Nevada Adult Mental Health Services.

A total of 142 homes serving clients were inspected. The investigation focused on the cause of the breakdowns in the process that allowed the conditions to exist despite the availability of resources and regulatory authority.  

The investigation team focused on answering five primary questions.

  • Did staff conduct proper activities required for certification?
  • Did staff conduct timely inspections?
  • Did staff fail to observe problems?
  • Did staff properly report findings?
  • Are providers properly sanctioned?

The result was that numerous group homes were found in deplorable conditions.

It was so bad, Governor Brian Sandoval, R-NV, requested a report on how the homes could be so terrible.

Pictures released of some of the homes had soiled mattresses, disgusting bathrooms, roaches, open flames near flammable fabrics, and much more.

According to the seven-day report, there were failures on many levels, from inadequate inspections to almost no follow-up inspections after the problems were discovered.

The Department of Health and Human Services says they simply don’t have enough staff to do these inspections, so there were challenges enforcing corrective action plans.

At least four of the homes inspected have since been closed.

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