Garehime Elementary third-graders are learning math and science with 3-D printers that open up new worlds of opportunity, progress, and academic advancement.

Their teacher, Mrs. Cox launched this program by raising money to get 3-D printers in the classroom for student benefit. 

She already sees improvement in specific subjects, adding that… “They’re much better at Math. They’re much better at the problem solving so I can give them an open problem and they would be able to think a lot better and quicker, because they had to design a figure from scratch, and they had to learn all the steps along the way in order to do that.” 

Students also use 3-D printers for the practical purposes of placing school orders, developing mock businesses, designing products, and creating personalized orders for lanyards and keychains with everything from Pokemon and Star Wars figures, to logos for the Vegas Golden Knights…and even for 8 News Now!

A challenge for teachers is finding things that are educational – that kids are also enthusiastic about. That is successfully happening here in this classroom.

One student, Trystin, told me, ” I think it is great you get to watch it build like bills and nails, what are you trying to build like goes on top of each other to make it – then it’s really cool. It’s satisfying just to watch it.”

Another classroom goal is to get students thinking about how they can apply what they are learning now to a potential future career. Common classroom visitors are professionals in the Engineering field that encourage and elevate that prospect.

The proactive educational use of 3-D printers is now moved beyond this one classroom, and into creating three clubs at Garehime with over 60 students participating!