The Bureau of Land Management has already euthanized 28 wild horses during a roundup in Cold Creek, about 30 miles west of Las Vegas.

BLM records show 202 horses have been gathered through last Friday. Those horses are being sent to federal holding pens or adopted out. They estimate more than 400 wild horses live in the area. 

The BLM started the emergency roundup on Aug. 29, saying the horses “are in very poor condition” because of the drought. They list a “poor prognosis for recovery” as the reason for the 28 euthanizations.

Sixteen wild horses were put down on Friday, and 11 were put down on Thursday. The website for the roundup operation says it has been suspended. 

The Cold Creek horses are the last wild herd in Southern Nevada and are beloved by the local community who have fought against a BLM roundup for years.