Two bodies were found in an apartment complex near E. Sahara Avenue and Maryland Parkway, Metro Police said.

The bodies were found in an apartment at the Solaire Apartments located at 1750 Karen Avenue.

According to police, a resident smelled an odor in the area and alerted the staff at the apartment complex. The property manager opened the door and discovered a deceased female near the doorway.  

The property manager left the apartment and called 9-1-1.  The Clark County Fire Department arrived and checked on the female before confirming that she was dead.  As they explored more of the apartment, a second was was also found dead.  

The Clark County Coroner’s Office said the bodies were too badly decomposed to determine a cause of death right now.  That information will not be released until an autopsy is conducted.

There wasn’t any other information released.

The Solaire Apartments have been in the headlines in the past due to deadly fires.