11,000 daffodils planted at the Healing Garden

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More than four months after the 1 October shooting the Las Vegas community remains Vegas Strong. Since the tragedy, there has been a consistent flow of vigils and memorials.

The entire country has thrown in its support, sending supplies to first responders and victims. 

And on Saturday thousands of flowers were planted at the Las Vegas Healing Garden.

“This is so phenomenal, and if you look around, all the love that is here, is just incredible,” said Greg Rodrigues, father of a 1 October victim.

Greg and Linda Rodrigues carefully planted daffodil bulbs around the tree which honors their daughter Stacee who died in the shooting. 

“She never wanted any attention on her. She was a doer. She wasn’t one that wanted to receive. Totally missed,” said Greg.

Hundreds of volunteers planted about 11,000 thousand daffodils bulbs which will soon turn the Healing Garden into a sea of yellow petals.

“It made me smile because what I have been taught is yellow is almost internationally known to represent royalty as well as healing,” said Tasia Sutfin, volunteer.

The healing garden continues to grow with donations of handmade gifts honoring each of the 58 victims. It’s a place where strangers can use their skills and compassion to support the loved ones left behind. 

Some simple tools, a pair of gloves, and a few hours in the soil will soon transform this garden into a blooming landscape.

“It’s so vibrant. Everyone is so happy to be bringing beauty to a beautiful memorial in the heart of our Arts District,” said Sutfin.

Along with planting the daffodils, volunteers also helped take down some of the remaining Christmas lights and also straighten the area up.

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