10-year-old speaks after mauling by pit bulls


A local father who’s 10-year-old son was mauled by two pit bulls is demanding answers. DISCLAIMER: The photos are hard to look at, and are not suitable for all audiences.

“I want justice,” said Guido Mantilla Sr.  “I’m a father. My son has been brutally attacked by two animals.”

The dogs belong to Guido Mantilla Sr.’s neighbor.

The child, Guido Mantilla Jr., has spent days at University Medical Center recovering from the brutal wounds he suffered from the attack.

“In my opinion, I say that I’m scared,” said Guido Mantilla Jr. about the ordeal.

Guido, 10, has been having night terrors after being attacked by his neighbor’s two pit bulls. It was a near-death experience that left him physically and mentally wounded.

“I would say to him that he should go to jail because my dad specifically said do not let the dogs out,” Guido Mantilla Jr. said.

Little Guido, as his family calls him, says he was playing at his neighbor’s home and remembers his dad telling the owner of the dogs to keep the pit bulls in their kennels before leaving. But, according to Little Guido, the neighbor let them out.

“I just got attacked by the dogs, and Will saved me,” Guido Mantilla Jr. said.

Will McCandless is another neighbor who heard the child’s cries for help.

“I took off running across the street, and I reached through the wrought iron and grabbed the dogs to try holding him off of him,” said McCandless.

McCandless doesn’t want to show his face on camera but says his son also helped get Little Guido away from the dogs.

“One was locked under his leg; one was locked under his head, and they were just going at him; ripping at him,” McCandless said.

Guido Mantilla Sr. says his son has never had issues playing with his neighbor’s children.  He said he thought his son was safe. Mantilla said his neighbor told him his son would be safe.

“‘Guido you can trust me?’ That’s what he told me. Guido, you can trust me,” Mantilla Sr. said.

However, now, things have drastically changed. Now, Mantilla Sr. thinks his neighbor tried to deliberately hurt his child.

“I want justice,” Mantilla Sr. said. “I’m a father. my son has been brutally attacked by two animals that were controlled by an owner who sticked them on my son.” 

Mantilla Sr. says he believes his son would be dead if it weren’t for the quick thinking of another neighbor who was at the right place, at the right time.

Guido Mantilla Jr. has a message for the man who helped save him.

“Thank you Will,” Guido Mantilla Jr. said. “I sure owe him one. He’s my hero.”

No one has been arrested in this dog mauling case. Clark County Animal Control is investigating but could not comment any further.

In previous dog attack incidents, 8 News NOW has learned that the owners are cited, and in most cases, their pets are euthanized.

Unless they can prove negligence, it’s unlikely for a pet owner to be criminally prosecuted.

If you would like to help the family of Little Guido pay for his medical bills go here.  The family has set up a GoFundMe page.

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