1 October survivors name newborn baby after Golden Knights player


A Las Vegas couple is not only celebrating the Golden Knights’ victories; they’re also celebrating the birth of their “miracle baby.”

Much like the Knights, the couple says their newborn, the youngest 1 October survivor, is the true meaning of love and resilience. 

“We are so lucky that she is here, and so thankful that something so positive came out of such a tragic event,” said Lauren Sugars, the mother to baby Riley.

“We didn’t plan her in any way shape or form, and she just showed up and brought a positive to us that wasn’t there,” said Brad Sugars, Riley’s dad.

The Sugars, survivors of the deadly mass shooting on Oct. 1, didn’t know Lauren was pregnant when the tragedy occurred.

“We got out of that spot, and we started running, and it started shooting again,” Brad Sugars said.  “I took cover and Lauren just kept running that’s when we got separated.”

Brad said he remembers screaming Lauren’s name, calling her until he found her hiding under a car in a parking lot.  Two weeks later both were trying to move forward because they found a positive reason why: They had a baby on the way, and they gained a new found love for the Golden Knights.

“We know a lot of other friends that went through the same experience and had a lot of trouble moving on and I think we got a very clear reason to move on straight away,” Brad Sugars said. 

Their new baby girl was born on the May 18 when the Knights defeated the Winnepeg Jets in the Western Conference of the Stanley Cup playoffs. 

Although they originally had Austin as a name of choice, the Knights’ player, Reilly Smith, stood out, and so Riley was the name they chose. 

“Route 91 was a very big negative, but our city turned it into a really big positive and I think the Golden Knights has been a really big part of that,” said Brad Sugars.  “It’s helped immensely to have something positive to focus on that’s positive.”

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