1 October survivor reacts to plans for the site of the mass shooting


LAS VEGAS (KLAS) — Plans revealed by MGM Resorts International for the site of the 1 October mass shooting isn’t sitting well with some of those who survived the attack that left 58 people dead and hundreds injured.

The company says first, it will be a parking lot and then, a community and athletic center. MGM Resorts says the area will host parking for events at Allegient stadium.

“Them making the grounds into a parking lot, which is something so minuscule, you know, it just seems very final that people are just moving on,” said Karinda Jennings, a survivor who lives in Wisconsin. “Those memories, those feelings, those actions are never going to be detached from that space. So, when it feels like MGM and others try to detach it, it just kind of feels like it’s discrediting everything that we went through, and it’s not honoring the people that were lost and injured there.”

MGM Resorts said the community and athletic center will host youth sports tournaments and become a place for the Las Vegas Aces to practice. Plans do call for a space on the property to remember the victims of 1 October.

“I almost feel like it’s kind of a safe phrase to just add on the, you know, oh ‘we’ll do a memorial later,’ we’re going to have this later. It’s a little disheartening too that it comes after all this ‘well, we’re using this as a parking lot, we’re using this for this team to be able to practice, we’re using it for a community center’ and they come up with all these things they can later tack on.”

It is not clear yet when the changes will take place — the MGM Resorts’ statement only referenced “in the near future.”

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