1 killed in crash at Civic Center and Cheyenne


North Las Vegas Police are investigating a fatal crash in the area of Civic Center Drive and E. Cheyenne Avenue. The crash was a single-vehicle crash that left one person dead. 

Police say a car was traveling south on Cheyenne, when the driver hit a light pole in the center median. The passenger, a 21-year-old man, died on scene. Police don’t believe the driver was impaired, but instead say the weather caused the wreck.

There was steady rain coming down during rush hour. The driver sustained minor injuries. Police say that person is cooperating with investigators. Eric Leavitt is with the the North Las Vegas Police Department and says, “it’s going to be raining tomorrow again too and through the night. It hasn’t rained in Las Vegas in a long time which makes all of that oil and stuff come up.”

Police advise all driver to be careful out there. 

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