A local woman is not only changing the marijuana industry, she is also paving the way for future female cannabis entrepreneurs.

Priscilla Vilchis or the “Queen of Cannabis” is the first Latina in the Silver State to be awarded two tough-to-get licenses.

“I’ve never walked into a room filled with men and looked at myself as less,” Priscilla Vilchis, CEO, Premium Produce.

Vilchis said it wasn’t easy, but she was determined to break into the cannabis business.

“I was the youngest CEO and Latina to win these very difficult licenses. The State of California had one of the most elite competitors it entailed multi-millionaires and billionaires,” Vilchis said. 

Prior to working in this budding industry, Vilchis helped manage a physician’s practice.

“I was able to see first-hand the crisis that we have which is an opioid epidemic going on that’s what quickly prompted me to look into the medical marijuana industry,” Vilchis said.

But with being Latina and growing up in a very conservative Catholic home, she had some convincing to do with her family.

“We grew up thinking that if we ever touched drugs, marijuana included, we would die,” Vilchis said.

She explained to her parents the difference between CBD, what you give kids with epilepsy and those with seizures and inflammation and THC which is what people take to enjoy themselves.

“My goal one day is to get marijuana reimbursable by insurance carriers and save ourselves so much money rather than these opioid medications that we keep reimbursing for,” Vilchis said.

Currently, Vilchis has a cultivation and production license and a facility that is about 26,000 square feet.

“We got great product lines coming out. We got a kiss me lip-balm that’s THC infused. We have brownies, cookies, lubricants,” Vilchis said.

Vilchis strongly believes people will become believers and has a message for women.

“Continue on ahead be very confident. It’s important to deliver exactly what you say to be taken seriously and never be intimidated,” Vilchis said.

Vilchis said there have been 25% fewer overdoses in all the states that have recently passed medical marijuana. She is currently looking to expand in all the states that are lucrative.