Mona Lisa “ML” Brookshire is an African female starring in a self-help inspirational movie by the name of “Becoming the Keys.” 

ML Brookshire  stars in a Self-help inspirational movie in America 
Mona Lisa Brookshire was born in Ghana, West Africa. She hosted her own Talk Show namely The ML4Lyfe Talk Show on the radio; and on Facebook LIVE for ONLY One Season before being picked up by the Las Vegas Bureau of Public Speakers to work on a Motivational Speaker Movie by its President, Robin Jay.

“Becoming the Keys” Official Trailer from on Vimeo.

In May 2018, Brookshire stared alongside a panel of experts in “Becoming the Keys,” which has since been nominated for several awards.

The film hosted its premiere at the Southpoint hotel-casino on Jan. 18 and it seems as if this the just beginning Brookshire’s promising acting career.