Santana tuned in to spirituality, ‘angels’ by many names, and the afterlife

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Supernatural themes run through his music, and Carlos Santana is an expert on making the human spirit soar. But has he had personal experiences with spirits … angels … aliens? Santana touches on these subjects and much more in a wide-ranging one-on-one with investigative reporter George Knapp. This previously unaired interview was recorded Nov. 2, 2016, in Las Vegas. First of 2 Parts.

Guitarist Carlos Santana and George Knapp. (KLAS-TV)

MYSTERY WIRE Guitar god Carlos Santana makes no secret of his interests in spiritual and supernatural subjects.

He’s not only used those terms and images in many of his hit songs and album titles — he walks the walk in his personal life.

He moved to Las Vegas years ago. We caught up to him at a fundraiser for school kids, where he spoke to us about angels, ghosts, aliens and more.

“There’s no difference between what we call the invisible, intangible guardians, angels, people who accompany you. So, people calling from unknown galaxies,” Santana said.

Santana also shared stories about what he says are ongoing contacts he has with fellow musicians, including some who have passed away.

What makes Santana click? A one-on-one conversation, only on

Carlos Santana

The Interview

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